NeuroPie Group

NeuroPie Group AG

NeuroPie was established in 2003 as a consultancy with a focus on performance management and collaboration.

The Operational Business Intelligence platform Zeus was introduced at Zurich Airport in 2004.

Since then Zeus and our subject matter experts help our worldwide customer base to meet their common objectives of improving customer service, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Based out of Glarus in Switzerland, NeuroPie is a private-held company which serves global customers from multiple industries, together with strategic technology and integration partners.


Zeus delivers the necessary insight into operations - in real time - for better service delivery, efficiency gains and new opportunities. All stakeholders have complete visibility and can proactively manage daily operation, process quality and performance across businesses, processes and technology infrastructure from one solution.

Our experts have been involved in many customer implementations across the world. Our teams have successfully deployed Zeus in the largest, most complex environments with organizations managing major operations, as well as smaller scale implementations.

Management Team

As businesses across the globe take a strategic approach to collaboration and performance management, NeuroPie has leaders who will carry forward its vision & strategy to be the global leader in Real-Time Business Intelligence.