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Today's companies need operational business intelligence software that captures, processes, analyses and visualizes information from all events and transactions, across functions, departments and organizations.

This new type of business analytics provides your company with the ability to retrieve and act upon business critical, timely information from throughout your operations. Because decision-makers need to take meaningful action while it still matters.

Zeus System Overview

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At the root of Operational Business Intelligence lies the data, or data feeds (also known as "data streams"). A data stream is a continuous flow of operational data. An example is updates to the flight plan of a day. An integration platform such as an Integration Broker of Enterprise Service Bus can turn updates to a feed which can be transmitted to multiple applications, such as a Real-Time Business Intelligence platform.

This data is verified by the Operational Business Intelligence platform and, if required, augmented and processed to generate events, alerts and key performance indicators (KPI). This information is made available to business and IT users via the client's rich features, customized to a user or user group's view. Data is filtered according to each user’s access privileges to ensure that users can only view data they are authorized for. Manual user input, such as updates to operational data, comments or status changes are processed and made available, if required, to other systems through the data streams.

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