NeuroPie Group


Easy-to-use Client

  • Intuitive easy to use environment, tailored to user and role specific views.
  • Client can be deployed anywhere without admin rights.

Rich User Interface

  • The Airport Map displays critical elements of airport-wide status information, in an easy-to-read graphical format.
  • The Value Chain Dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the process and service quality of all relevant processes.
  • Operational data are displayed in grids with comprehensive search and display options that are geared to the individual needs of users.
  • Events and Alerts allow users to remain pro-active by responding to critical messages. Interactive checklists guide them through standard operating procedures.
  • Charts deliver the information that end-users need to make accurate assessments to drive optimum business results.

Real-Time Processing

  • Data is aggregated, correlated and analyzed in real-time.
  • Business policies are easily formalized and governed, defined as rules and processes.
  • Persistence of all data allows further analysis of information.

Seamless Integration

  • Based on loosely coupled components in a Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Leverage information from legaycy systems, no change fo underlying data sources or systems required.

Key Characteristics

Mature, stable and proven product

The system has demonstrated very reliable and highly available in operation at all of our sites.

Flexibility and adaptability

The software architecture allows for addition of interfaces and enhancements without compromising the stability and performance.

Business and IT agility

Zeus adapts rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in the business environment.

An evolving product

NeuroPie has strong product roadmap such that Zeus will continue to evolve.

Real-Time Operational Dashboard

Real-time operational dashboards allow the organization to manage intraday events and operate at peak performance.