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Zeus at Sheremetyevo International Airport

View into the AMC at SVO

The prime objective of the new Airport Management Centre (AMC) at Sheremetyevo International Airport is to consolidate the coordination, monitoring and control of the different airport-wide spread operations control centres, with the aim to effectively manage the airport across organisations. It will enable Sheremetyevo Airport to significantly shorten reaction times on irregularities, improve the capacity and act with standard operating procedures at hand to provide excellent customer service from end-to-end. The AMC will be a nerve centre, serving as a centralized information and coordination hub and building the basis for optimization of operations and managing crisis situations.

Some impressions of the opening of the Airport Management Center at Sheremetyevo on 26th December 2011.

Following a competitive selection process, NeuroPie was awarded the contract for consultancy of defining the model, organization and procedures of the Airport Management Center and implementing their software platform Zeus. Zeus provides a common platform with shared data and views for all Airport Management Centre personnel and other areas directly or indirectly involved in airport operations.

“This is a strategic and breakthrough project. We now have a centralized system of organization, information and coordination of the entire airport and our partners.” - Mikhail Vasilenko, General Director, Joint Stock Company Sheremetyevo International Airport, adding that “The Zeus system monitors and steers all important processes in real-time and also helps us to manage crisis situations better.”

Through a series of global airport implementations NeuroPie has developed a proven product suite supported by deep domain expertise. The Zeus software could be implemented within a very short timeframe of 10 weeks.

"It was obvious that NeuroPie has a deep understanding of Airport Management Centers from both a technological and operational perspective. We are confident that the NeuroPie products and services in combination with our current airport systems (Airport Operational Database, Resource Management System, Ground Fleet Management System and Security systems ) will meet all of our requirements and will help deliver the expected business benefits." – Igor Khokhlov, IT Director, Joint Stock Company Sheremetyevo International Airport.

"It is great to be adding yet another tier one airport to our customer base. We are seeing increased activity in the Airport Operation Management market at the moment as airports want to be able to not only comply with regulations, but also orchestrate airport operations and drive performance." – Jürgen Weder, CEO, NeuroPie Solutions AG.