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Investing in Efficiency

Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport has become the latest facility to invest in a management centre to coordinate the activities of the many business partners that make an airport operate efficiently.

Future Airport (PDF)
Issue 1 / 2012

Running Together

Johannesburg International Airport's new Airport Management Centre and CDM programme to improve communication between airport staff across different departments and agencies, enabling airlines to boost their bottom line, and slashing turnaround times by at least ten minutes.

Future Airport (PDF)
Issue 1 / 2009

Airport Collaborative Decision Making

Bringing the information necessary to operate the business and make day-to-day decisions from all parties to all parties. This sharing of information is what enables all stakeholders to make decisions based on accurate data.

Unisys Aircore News (PDF)
Q1 / 2009

From Information to Insight

With the wealth of data the challenge today is not so much obtaining the data, rather it is knowing which data and how to use it.

Passenger Terminal World (PDF)
Annual Review 2009

Airport Operational Efficiency

For Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), successful operations not just about upgrading and expanding airport infrastructure but also very much about foresight and the ability to adopt operational management tools that will put their major airports at the forefront of airport operational efficiency.

International Airport Review (PDF)
Issue 6 / 2008

All Systems GO

How a new management approach has led to dramatically improved results at Switzerland’s busiest airport.

Future Airport (PDF)
Issue 1 / 2008

Passenger Ready

Zurich airport has achieved top spot in Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey with the help of an innovative business information system.

Reach Magazine (PDF)
Winter 2006/2007

Orchestrating Airport Operation

Passenger growth, carriers’ demands for reduced charges or government’s growing reluctance to subsidise airports may be reasons for an airport operator to shift its responsibility from supplying infrastructure to acting more like the conductor of an orchestra.

International Airport Review (PDF)
Issue 1 / 2005