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Aviation Expertise

Organisations focus on optimising their own processes and their own IT systems, a difficult task if the businesses along the value chain are not in sync. Airport operators, airlines and ground handlers have become aware that collaboration and technology can be used to make their business more efficient and more profitable.

Airport Performance Management (APM)

With so many organisations working on the same product, the service quality expected must be defined, monitored and improved across organisational boundaries. At the same time, the omnipresent cost pressure is tempting supplier organisations to trim their own costs without concern for the overall process.

The idea of Airport Performance Management is to provide a common language about quality.


Collaborative Decision Making at Zurich Airport

Collaborative Decision Making requires more than setting up lines of communication. It requires sharing information and values in an environment that allows all voices and views to be heard.


An Airport Operations Control Center (AOCC) plays a vital role in the achievement of a world class customer service experience through airport operational excellence. It achieves this by providing a collaborative working environment where the airports’ major stakeholders can come together to work pro-actively on a common agenda supported by a shared situation awareness of performance. To be successful the AOCC will require a sound operating model.