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Manage Airport Punctuality

Lack of capability and tools

IATA standard punctuality measures on-time departures (within 15 minutes) in percent, but

  • Cancellations improve punctuality despite consequential losses
  • Indicator ignores size of aircraft and number of passengers affected
  • No assessment possible about the financial loss incurred to passengers, airlines and airport
  • Responsibilities not allocated
  • Difficult to determine improvement measures and substantiate investments in better punctuality

New proven approach ...

  • Sign off of Punctuality Management by Airport Community Forum
  • Standard definition of delay and delay codes
  • One common platform to capture and show to everybody
  • Process of capturing and verifying delay codes
  • Airport Performance Management across organisations
  • Governance model

... delivers immediate results

  • Reduced delay cost for airport, airlines and passengers
  • Better use of resources and infrastructure
  • Awards for outstanding performance

See our references and case studies.

Business Case For Your Airport

Based on your traffic data we capture the reasoning for implementing or improving your Airport Punctuality Management. The business case will include background about the delay cost model, the expected business benefits, the expected costs of an implementation, a gap analysis and the expected risks.

Contact us for a free business case to manage on-time departures at your airport.