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You are gathering much information through all the systems deployed. How do you integrate the different data available and provide a more complete picture anytime and anywhere you require?

While traditional business intelligence presents historical data for manual analysis, operational business intelligence monitors current business activity to detect problems or opportunities automatically. This automated analysis capability enables corrective actions to be initiated and or business rules to be adjusted to optimize business processes and improve performance.

We serve the Aviation and Banking market with a range of real-time business intelligence solutions.


The Zeus software is a operational business intelligence platform to enable intelligent execution amongst different stakeholders and disparate information systems. Zeus provides a proven real-time operational dashboard, fully compatible with today’s standards-based integration middleware without having to replace any legacy system and with design flexibility to support future operational requirements.

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Our people are experts in real-time business intelligence and have capabilities in business consultancy, project management and technology implementation.

Projects undertaken for our customers range from software development and technical installations of our products through to subject matter expertise delivered to customer teams and their stakeholders.