NeuroPie Group


For airports successful operations is not just about upgrading and expanding airport infrastructure but also very much about foresight and the ability to adopt tools that will provide accurate information in real-time to put them at the forefront of airport operational efficiency.

NeuroPie has the following Airport-specific solutions:

  • A-CDM Platform: A proven technology platform that enables the implementation of Eurocontrol A-CDM. A-CDM focuses on aircraft turn-round and pre-departure sequencing.
  • Total Airport Management Platform (TAM): The scope of TAM is the entire airport, monitoring and guiding airside and landside operations.


For airlines which operate a hub, the challenge of managing the hub is to efficiently co-ordinate a number of disparate activities between various departments and organisations.

The main task of a hub control is to manage irregularities, such as inbound delay, technical report, ATC holding/slot, critical connections, crew change, position/gate change, lack of resources, late pax, overbooking, and weather.

NeuroPie provides the following Airline-specific solutions:

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