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Airport CDM

Airport CDM aims at improving operational efficiency by reducing delays, improving the predictability and optimising the utilisation of resources. The improved decision making by all Airport CDM Partners will be facilitated the sharing of accurate and timely information and by adapted operational procedures, automated processes and user friendly tools.

Airport CDM is a EUROCONTROL initiative being adopted by airports across the EUROCONTROL region. For more information see

Airport CDM Solution

The main functions of an A-CDM solution are:

  • Gather operational information from existing systems
  • Process this information in accordance to A-CDM requirements
  • Display and allow to capture and update A-CDM information
  • Publish information back to existing systems

These functions/responsibilities can be carried out by a number of systems or one platform. The Zeus software can suit as a single Airport CDM Platform or compliment existing systems dealing with A-CDM aspects.

What does it mean to be a fully Eurocontrol A-CDM compliant airport?

There is a simple answer to that: CFMU (i.e. Network Manager) accepts live exchange of DPIs from a local CDM

This, however, requires a lot of ground work to ensure that the information sent regarding departure flight take-off predictions and flight status meets the mutually agreed criteria between the airport and CFMU.

And, local procedures and levels of compliance differ substantially between airports.

Main Features

  • Zero-configuration client application with remote and local access.
  • Fully customisable user interface.
  • Comprehensive business intelligence with pre-defined A-CDM KPI and charts.
  • EUROCONTROL standards compliant.
  • A-SMGCS compatible.
  • Pre-defined A-CDM alerts with customisation.
  • Calculation of CDM data (e.g. VTT) and milestones.
  • Overriding of data and calculated fields.
  • Microsoft authentication security and role-based access control.
  • Based on Internet and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) standards.
  • CFMU messaging (FUM and DPI) through integration platform.