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Performance-based Airport Operation

Total Airport Operation Management is a further development and expansion of Airport CDM. Also referred to as TAM, it adresses the joint management of airside, terminal and landside processes at the airport by the participating partners.

The goals are to:

  • Improve the planning process.
  • Extend the situational awareness (end-to-end).
  • Agree on a common performance framework (measures and targets).


Main Areas

Staff Information: Access to uninterrupted, real time operational data via powerful grids, details and query functions.

Performance Management: Real-time analytics and charts for accurate assessments to drive optimum business results in real-time.

Airport Map: Powerful visualization tool to quickly identify where the key business issues are - covering landside, terminal and airside.

Prediction: Forecast actual demand on best known information to avoid bottlenecks.

Event Management: Detect anomalies against relevant policies and provide standard operating procedures on demand.

Service Level Monitoring: Measure and present the quality of the processes at a glance.

Real-Time Operational Dashboard

Real-time operational dashboards allow the organization to manage intraday events and operate at peak performance.

Airport Map

The Airport Map provides a real-time overview of the status of critical elements of airport-wide data in a graphical, easy-to-read form. A powerful visualisation tool, the Airport Map gives quick access to where the key business issues are, allowing the user to monitor airport operations and increase the speed and accuracy of the decision making process.

Click here to view a demo video about the main features.