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The speed of business is accelerating. As this velocity increases, so does the operational cost of delays negatively impact the bottom line.

Many companies are unable to track business and operating conditions in real-time. Instead, they make decisions based on data that has been uploaded into data warehouses, or reports that are hours or even days old. Business is in effect driven by looking into the rearview mirror. Too much time is spent fixing, or trying to fix, problems long after they have occurred and the damage is done.

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What is lacking in BI?

Corporations have invested in Business Intelligence (BI) technology solutions to support decision-making and compliance. Yet those systems are not able to help companies effectively respond to the business conditions discussed above. Why not?

While BI tools are valuable for trending and predicting, they provide a historical perspective only. Even though many BI vendors tout real-time capabilities, BI reports can be 30-60 minutes old, and they are not viewing and analyzing the business process data thereby inhibiting sound decision-making.

Service Level Agreements in Security Transactions

In this example the bank must ensure 'best execution' to their customers.

Zeus monitors the process from order to placement through a number of organisational and system barriers and alarms on lack of confirmations or delays in placement.

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Customer Reference

Our client, a Swiss Private and Investment Bank, implemented Zeus as a real-time management cockpit for monitoring relevant business processes and key performance indicators (KPIs). The vision is to optimize cost, service quality and client satisfaction by detecting issues in the execution of processes and to prevent any violation of service level agreements.

Within four months the relevant performance indicators were analysed and implemented together with our partner thus allowing successful integration with source systems as e.g. Avaloq Banking System. Zeus is widely used by management and employees in their daily business to supervise relevant processes.